LAINOX oven door handle
    LAINOX oven door handle

    LAINOX oven door handle

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    170 mm

    handle diameter

    16 mm

    spring length

    49 mm





    bolt diameter

    5 mm

    bolt length

    16 mm


    This door handle is also mounted on some ovens manufactured by Cookmax, Franstal, Mareno, Olis. The handle is delivered complete.

    It is mounted on Lainox ovens, the following models:

    ACE04M, ACE05M, ACE10M, ACE20M, AMG10P, AMG20D, APG08M, APG10M, AVG07D, AVG10D, AVG20D, BPE044M, BPE044P, BPE054M, BPE054P, BPE064M, BPE064P, BPE074M, BPE074P, BPE084M, BPE084P, BPE104M, BPE104P, BPG044M, BPG044P, BPG054M, BPG054P, BPG064M, BPG064P, BPG074M, BPG074P, BPG084M, BPG084P, BPG104M, BPG104P, CE041M, CE051M, CE071M, CE100M, CE106M, CE110M, CE200M, CE210M, CG051M, CG071M, CG100M, CG106M, CG110M, CG200M, CG210M, FE051M, FE051X, FE101M, FE101X, FE102M, FE102X, FE105M, FE105X, FE110M, FE110X, FE210M, FE210X, FEI101M, FG051M, FG051X, FG101M, FG101X, FG102M, FG102X, FG105M, FG105X, FG110M, FG110X, FG210M, FG210X, MCE042M, MCE051M, MCE071M, MCE101M, MCE102M, MCG051M, MCG071M, MCG101M, MCG102M, ME106D, ME106H, ME106M, ME106P, ME106X, ME110D, ME110H, ME110M, ME110P, ME110X, ME210D, ME210H, ME210M, ME210P, ME210X, ME227P, MG106D, MG106H, MG106M, MG106P, MG106X, MG110D, MG110H, MG110M, MG110P, MG110X, MG210D, MG210H, MG210M, MG210P, MG210X, MME071P, MME101P, MME102P, MMG071P, MMG101P, MMG102P, MVE042P, MVE051P, MVE071P, MVE101P, MVE102P, MVG051P, MVG071P, MVG101P, MVG102P, PE040M, PE040X, PE041M, PE041X, PE044M, PE044P, PE051M, PE051X, PE054M, PE054P, PE064M, PE064P, PE074M, PE074P, PE080M, PE080X, PE081M, PE081X, PE084M, PE084P, PE101M, PE101X, PE104M, PE104P, PG040M, PG040X, PG041M, PG041X, PG044M, PG044P, PG051M, PG051X, PG054M, PG054P, PG064M, PG064P, PG074M, PG074P, PG080M, PG080X, PG081M, PG081X, PG084M, PG084P, PG101M, PG101X, PG104M, PG104P, VE042P, VE051P, VE055P, VE105, VE105D, VE105H, VE105M, VE105X, VE106D, VE106H, VE106L, VE106M, VE106P, VE106S, VE106T, VE106X, VE110D, VE110H, VE110L, VE110M, VE110P, VE110S, VE110T, VE110X, VE210D, VE210H, VE210L, VE210M, VE210P, VE210S, VE210T, VE210X, VG051P, VG105, VG105D, VG105H, VG105M, VG105X, VG106D, VG106H, VG106L, VG106M, VG106P, VG106S, VG106T, VG106X, VG110D, VG110H, VG110L, VG110M, VG110P, VG110S, VG110T, VG110X, VG210D, VG210H, VG210L, VG210M, VG210P, VG210S, VG210T, VG210X, XAME07D, XAME07P, XAME10D, XAME10P, XAME20D, XAME20P, XAMG07D, XAMG07P, XAMG10D, XAMG10P, XAMG20D, XAMG20P, XAVE07D, XAVE07P, XAVE10D, XAVE10P, XAVE20D, XAVE20P, XAVG07D, XAVG07P, XAVG10D, XAVG10P, XAVG20D, XAVG20P


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